From Autumn week 2022, Oil Painting with Kate Measham

An art course at Casa Rosa is an absolute treat.

Kate Measham is an excellent teacher whose classes are well structured and practical, but also stimulating and encouraging. She prompts you to look carefully at your subject from a variety of angles before you launch in, and be bold – experiment! 

Being able to set everything up in the studio and go back to it from day to day helps to keep to a timetable of work and play.

Meanwhile, the Casa Rosa estate, in the wilds of the mountains behind Malaga, is absolutely stunning. The house is beautifully designed and feels traditional although it was only built in 2004. The gardens that surround it are full of shape and colour, scent and birdsong. Amazing views of the mountains scattered with hilltop villages, framed by Cyprus trees, catch your eye from every angle.

Then there is the luxury of the swimming pool, cold at first but deliciously refreshing after the first few strokes – and just what is needed after hours at work at the easel. Or there’s the tennis court where you can exercise your limbs again.

But last and so very far from least is Rosie’s wonderful cooking. Using her knowledge of the area, she provides regular and delicious meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, especially the fruit, vegetables and herbs. No chance of going hungry here.

A week’s retreat at Casa Rosa revives and feeds the mind and the body.


Carolyn Coleman

May ‘22

Thank you; it was a pleasure to have you with us, Carolyn

It’s lit a bit of a creative fire! So grateful to Kate for the Inspiration


Thank you Kate for encouraging me to get back into printing

K T-S 2022

Casa Rosa inspired dinner tonight

JF 2022