Rosie Tatham and her family have spent large parts of their lives in the hills of Andalucia. They are a family of artists and diplomats, travelling the world and collecting ideas, inspiration, gastronomic wonders and spectacular objets d’art from all corners of the globe. Her degree in Arabic and French took Rosie to corners of the world that share many cultural similarities to southern Spain.

Kate and Rosie have been friends for a very long time and share a creative interest in all things art and cultural

Rosie Tatham

Rosie has been running the kitchen at Casa Rosa for 15 years, cooking up a storm of delicious local ingredients to thrill the palates of both clients  and friends. She combines her experience of Europe and the Middle East, with a modern take from a health and ecology angle, as much as possible. 

Our artists arrive, tired from the journey, with even a little creative nervousness too, but always full of anticipation and excitement. Rosie soothes with gentle soups and satisfying handmade local breads. After a first night in Casa Rosa’s luxurious bedrooms, everyone wakes up to breakfasts with a variety of fresh fruits, Greek yogurt and the best muesli, eggs, breads and the expected. Midday brings salads and accompaniments as varied and stimulating as you could dream, followed by a lovely gentle dinner to bring us all back down to an evening of calm and consideration. 

Meals are a restorative time for conviviality and light heartedness, a time for getting to know others in the group away from the serious creative process of the day. There are coffee or tea breaks, throughout the day, with local cakes or biscuits for hungry artists.

Any special dietary requirements are happily taken into account. The menu is not vegetarian, but the emphasis is, and a vegetarian diet is easily accommodated. 

With a warm smile, the remarkable Rosie will resolve any potential problems as much as possible, and nothing is too much trouble. She has even been known to provide for wardrobe failings from the local village store. 

Rosie’s two secret super skills are as a fabulous decorator, and a sculptor – check her website for inspiration

Kate Measham

Kate has been teaching and running courses in Hampshire for  over 10 years.

Life drawing sessions and bringing in friends to share the costs was the starting point to encourage Kate to run art classes. She set up various art courses, and is joint owner of Hampshire Art studio with Clare Dryden. There is still time for teaching, and the pleasure of bringing excellent tutors to the studio in Hampshire. Since taking a degree in Visual Art through Drawing at Winchester School of Art (part of Southampton University), Kate has painted, drawn, wood turned and taught. 

Drawing is the cornerstone of Kate’s work.  She is keen to encourage her students to explore, investigate, be intuitive and imaginative through drawing. Despite the energy, strength and colour of Kate’s artistic style, she is not interested in creating a house style. Students are encouraged to find their own voice and to develop the necessary skills to explore it. 

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